In our last post we created a new Deployment Share to begin using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) for building and capturing a Windows image.

Now we are going to do a few things to get the Deployment Share ready to use fully (i.e. importing Operating System files, preparing Application packages, creating Task Sequences, etc.).

Start by launching the Deployment Workbench.

MDT Install 07

Import Operating System Source Files

The first thing we will do is import an Operating System source files.

Expand the Deployment Share that was created, and right-click on the Operating Systems folder and choose Import Operating System. This will initiate the Import Operating System Wizard.

MDT Import OS 01

On the OS Type screen, select Full Set Of Source Files, and then click Next.

Import Operating System Wizard 01

On the Source screen, provide the directory that contains the source files for the Operating System you want to import, then click Next.

For example, since I am working in a Virtual Machine (VM), I mounted the ISO file for Windows 8.1 to the D: drive.

Import Operating System Wizard 02

On the Destination screen, either accept the default name supplied for the directory that will be created, or provide your own name, then click Next.

Import Operating System Wizard 03

On the Summary screen, review the information displayed, then click Next.

Import Operating System Wizard 04

On the Confirmation screen, once the import has completed, click Finish.

Import Operating System Wizard 05

When you return to the Deployment Share, within the Operating Systems folder you will now see an entry for the Operating System that was imported.

MDT Import OS 02

Let’s now move on to creating an Application Package.

Here is a video walk through: