If anyone has worked with System Center Service Manager, and in particular the Portal, you know that there is a lot to be desired by way of functionality, etc.

Now, since the release of SharePoint 2013, and the Service Manager Portal NOT being supported on this platform (and through other comments I have read), this is evidence that Microsoft is working on some big changes with the Portal. Speculation is that they will remove its dependence on SharePoint completely! What they will replace it with, who knows. Hopefully it won’t be entirely Silverlight-based, and hopefully they will utilize the more standard HTML5/CSS3 structure to help users to be able to make customizations and changes more easily.

But, for the time being, we get what we have, default and “out of the box”. Well, not exactly. Since there is a big demand for a better looking, improved SCSM Portal, several companies have worked to create something to fill this gap.

One example is the “Advanced Portal for SCSM 2012” by CodeCraft-Solutions. If you would like to see their portal solution in action, watch the following YouTube video:

So, for demonstration purposes, we will walk through the requirements, installation, and troubleshooting of a trial version of this product.