Church Of The Highlands Exposed

Church Of The Highlands Exposed: A Closer Look at the Controversies

Church of Highlands, founded by Pastor Chris Hodges is Alabama’s largest church that’s been into controversy for long. Some recent events happening in the church made people question its reputation. Let’s have a closer look at Church Of The Highlands exposed controversies.

Church Of The Highlands began as a small restoration center named “The Lodge” for Pastors who wanted to practice and get closer to God. Now its branches are spread all over Alabama.

A recent controversy struck into news that a clergy has been alleged for se*ual misconduct at The Lodge. The founder Pastor Chris Hodges came up with a strong statement that no clergy accused of se*ual misconduct will stay at The Lodge.

Church Of The Highlands Exposed Of Misconduct

As soon as the Church of the Highlands started connecting with communities from around the corners of Alabama and spread its branches, it started getting into controversies.

So many questions regarding mass diversion and misconduct activities have been raised against the church. 

Pastor Chris Hodges gave his clarification on all the recent allegations on the church. He stated that, “Chruch of Highlands created The Lodge. A retreat center with the primary aim to help pastors suffering from burnout. It does not allow any Pastor with misconduct accusations to be a part of The Lodge.”

Hodhes also clarifies that The Lodge is for sure a “pastoral restoration center” that deals only with helping pastors with burnouts and not misconduct allegations.

The Lodge addresses the problems like mental disturbance and social distractions caused by to pandemic and provides a free space for pastors and ministry leaders to grow, rest, and worship together.

This gives a rejuvenating experience to pastors and their families and helps them grow as better human beings. 

Church Of The Highlands Policies and Measures Against Misconduct

Church Of The Highlands exposed to se*ual misconduct have actively worked towards prevention of their restoration center, The Lodge.

The policies have been firmly followed and immediate action have been taken against Carter, a clergy member who was accused in that case. Legal proceedings were also involved in this case.

This decision made by Pastor Chris Hodges reflects zero tolerance against any misconduct within their members. Church Of The Highlands has also made sure that any such behavior will not be tolerated to ensure the safety of the community linked to the church.

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After all that happened, Pastor Hodges has implemented strict rules and long-term measures to prevent any misconduct in the future. The Church also maintains transparency about its practices to gain the trust of the communities.

What are your thoughts on this controversy? Is the church of The Highlands standing up to its promises or is it acting as a diversion for the youth of the country?

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