Belgium-based, Robovision, an AI-based company that provides no-code platforms for enterprises raised $24 million led by Astanor Ventures in a Series A round.

Target Global actively co-led and backed the round. After this round, the total funds brought in by Robovision is $65 million.

Robovision AI-Based $42M Series

CEO Robovision, Van den Driessche said that the funds raised would be used for the platform development and expansion across the globe.

Robovision is a Vision AI platform that enables enterprises to build full AI with no code on the platform. Robovision provides a lag-free and latency-free platform based on the cloud so every business can use it and develop AI independently.

Moreover, companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft are interested in AI space. This shows the growth of AI company in next few years.

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