Darrow Raised $35M Series For AI

New York-based, Darrow is a legal-tech company that uses real-time data to detect harmful events, recently raised $35 million led by Georgian in a Series B round.

NFX, Entrée Capital, and F2 Venture Capital backed the round.

Darrow $35M Series For AI

CEO Darrow, Evyatar Ben Artzi said that the raised funds will be used to upgrade the platform to help strengthen democracy, integrate with AI, expand in other markets, and accelerate growth.

Darrow is a legal-tech judgment platform that uses legal documentation and real-time data to help lawyers find sections. Evyatar said lawyers are the superheroes who fight out there for truth.

Moreover, Darrow is on a mission to help all the lawyers on this noble quest. Darrow will create a world where legal violations are discovered swiftly, valued, and resolved efficiently.

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