Fix Internet Light On Sky Router Orange

Fix Internet Light On Sky Router Orange

Does your Sky Router continuously flash an Orange light? If yes, then it indicates that there is some issue with it and that it needs to be fixed immediately. Follow this guide to find a solution. 

Many people sometimes experience this Orange Light issue on their Sky Router. There is no need to worry, as the Orange light on the Router only indicates the internet connectivity of the hub. 

The flashing of the Orange Light on the Sky Router indicates a problem in connecting with a stable internet connection. 

In this article, we discussed some effective ways to fix this issue. Make sure you read this article up to the end. 

Why Is Internet Light On Sky Router Flashes To Orange?

The Internet Light is in the middle of the Router. The actual process of the Sky Router is that its internet light first turns orange, which means it is searching for a stable internet connection. 

After getting a connection, the orange light will automatically turn into a white light and everything will be set. 

But, sometimes, the orange light doesn’t change into the white light. The Orange light blinks continuously, meaning there is some internet connectivity issue in your Router. 

You can fix this issue independently with the methods we discussed in the heading below. 

How To Fix Internet Light On Sky Router Orange?

Sometimes, you don’t need to get any technician or external help to fix this issue. You can resolve this issue on your own by using some tricks and methods. 

In some cases, converting the orange light into white takes more time than usual. Be patient and wait for some time. Maybe the issue will fix itself. 

But if the issue does not get fixed even after a long time, then follow the methods below until it does. 

Method 1: Check Your Connection

You can start by testing your connection. Go to your Sky Account and check if there is any problem with your connection. If there is any, you need to report the problem. You will then get detailed steps on fixing the connection issue. 

Method 2: Check The Signs Of Loose Wires And Cables

Sometimes, a loose wire or cable can also disrupt your internet connection. You can check your wires and cable connectivity to see any cable wire issues. 

Follow these steps to check your cable connectivity. 

  1. Unplug the cable of the broadband.
  2. Then, unplug the Power Card.
  3. Plug them again after 15 to 30 seconds. 

Method 3: Reset The Sky Hub

The other method is to restart your Hub. You can do so by pressing the resetting button or unplugging the power button. Wait for some time until the restart process is completed and your router turns on. 

Hopefully, your orange light turns white, and your internet issue with the router is fixed. 

Method 4: Factory Reset The Hub

After getting failure from the above-mentioned methods, you must perform a factory reset on your hub. This is the best working method, as a factory reset completely refreshes your hub, and all the issues are getting fixed

Press the reset button for about 5 to 8 seconds until the hub turns off and turns on automatically. Wait for 3 to 5 seconds for the hub for stability. 

Note: Think twice before performing a factory reset, as you will lose every setting, including your SSID name and password. 

Method 5: Contact Sky’s Customer Service Team

If none of the methods works, then the final resort is to get help from Sky’s customer service team. Contact their team and explain your issue to them. They will then schedule a technician or engineer support to fix your issue. 


It’s frustrating when your Sky Router or broadband is not working properly due to this Orange Internet Light issue. We hope that the methods we mentioned in this guide will help you solve this issue. Otherwise, reach out to Sky’s customer service team.

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