Gameto Company Raised $33M Series B

New York-based, Gameto is a biotech company primarily known for its women’s health-related treatment advancement raised $33 million led by RA Capital and Two Sigma Ventures in a Series B round.

The round was actively backed by BOLD Capital Partners, Future Ventures, and Insight Partners. Stacey Bendet Eisner, Olivia Walton, and Chelsea Hirschhorn join Ingeborg Investments. This round brought a total funds of $73 in Gameto.

Gameto Company Raised $33M Series B

CEO Gameto, Dr.¬†Dina Radenkovic, said that the funds raised will enable Gameto to start the clinical development of Fertilo. With this advancement, Gameto claims that they can engineer ovarian support cells to mature even outside the woman’s body.

Gameto is a bio-tech company that mainly provides women with health-related solutions such as infertility. Fertilo is an advanced program that can make IVF an easy, safe, and accessible process.

Moreover, Gameto received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for phase 3 trials of Fertilo. Series B funds will help Gameto to continue the trials in Latin America and Australia.

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