Redactive AI Raised $7.5M Seed

Australia-based, Redactive AI, a developer platform that enables software teams to overcome security skills and AI engineering skills within an enterprise raised $7.5 million led by Felicis in Seed.

Atlassian Ventures, Blackbird, and Zapier (automation unicorn) actively backed the seed round.

Redactive AI Raised $7.5M Seed

Co-founders Redactive AI, Alexander Valente, Andrew Pankevicius, and Lucas Sargent said that funds raised will used for marketing, platform development, and AI advancement.

Redactive AI is an AI platform that enables software teams to build programs without worrying about AI and security skill sets within the team. Enterprises can connect to the data source and use Generative AI for production and security checks without compromising data with unknown freelancers.

Moreover, Redactive AI is used by large enterprises including finance, tech, and software developers. Enterprises can take advantage and be productive without sharing the intellectual property with anyone.

Also, a single API can handle all documents, data, embedding models, and live decisions taken by businesses.

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