To create an Orchestrator connector

In the Service Manager console, click Administration.

Config ORCH Conn 01

In the Administration pane, expand Administration, and then click Connectors.

 Config ORCH Conn 02

In the Tasks pane, under Connectors, click Create Connector, and then click Orchestrator connector.

Config ORCH Conn 03

Perform these steps to complete the Orchestrator Connector Wizard:

On the Before You Begin page, click Next.

Config ORCH Conn 04

On the General page, in the Name box, type a name for the new connector. Make sure that Enable this connector is selected, and then click Next.

 Config ORCH Conn 05

On the Connection page, in the Server Information area, type the URL of the Orchestrator Web service.

Config ORCH Conn 06

Type the URL of the Orchestrator Web service in the form of http://:/Orchestrator2012/Orchestrator.svc, where is the name of the computer hosting the web service and is the port number where the web service is installed. (The default port number is 81.)

On the Connection page, in the Credentials area, either select an existing account or click New, and then do the following:

In the Run As Account dialog box, in the Display name box, type a name for the Run As account. In the Account list, select Windows Account. Enter the credentials for an account that has rights to connect Orchestrator, and then click OK. On the Connection page, click Test Connection.

Config ORCH Conn 07

In the Test Connection dialog box, make sure that the message “The connection to the server was successful” appears, and then click OK. On the Connection page, click Next.

Config ORCH Conn 08

On the Folder page, select a folder, and then click Next.

 Config ORCH Conn 09

On the Web Console URL page, type the URL for the Orchestrator web console in the form of http://:port (the default port number is 82), and then click Next.

 Config ORCH Conn 10

On the Summary page, make sure that the settings are correct, and then click Create.

 Config ORCH Conn 11

On the Completion page, make sure that you receive the message “Orchestrator connector successfully created,” and then click Close.

Config ORCH Conn 12

To validate the creation of an Orchestrator connector

In the Connectors pane, locate the Orchestrator connector that you created.

Config ORCH Conn 13

Review the Status column for a status of Finished Success.

NOTE: Allow sufficient time for the import process to finish if you are importing a large number of runbooks.

In the Service Manager console, click Library.

Config ORCH Conn 14

In the Library pane, expand Library, and then click Runbooks.

Config ORCH Conn 15

Review the Runbooks pane, and note that your runbooks have been imported.

 Config ORCH Conn 16