This Blog Will Show You About The New Digital Technology In Thailand

This Blog Will Show You About The New Digital Technology In Thailand

Thailand, the honeymoon destination for the world is widely known for its natural beauty. In the last few years, the technology adoption in Thailand has changed the whole scenario. Thailand, the Land of Smile is emerging as the new digital tech advanced country. In this article, I will explain the tech advancements done by Thailand in recent years and how it became a new place for tech geeks after Japan.

New Digital Technology In Thailand  


With digital evolution, the eCommerce sector of Thailand has improved significantly. Now businesses can easily send and track the courier, and collect payment online once delivered. The paywall integration and delivery agent integration on websites and applications make selling online easy. This also helps small business owners to reach international markets and sell products globally.  

Smart School and Education

Technology uplifts the education sector too. With new smart boards, kids can enjoy interactive learning sessions and revise whenever they want. eLearning opens many opportunities for teachers and students, with the new approach students can compete on a global level and choose from hundreds of courses that are not available in their native college. Moreover, EdTech startups become popular in Thailand so that students can learn in regular classes and enjoy interactive remote sessions when not available.  

Digital Payment

ePayments or Digital Payments are a boon to society. No need to carry cash anymore. You can pay on the go even with your mobile. As you know Thailand is the honeymoon destination and the travel destination for the world, many international tourists visit Thailand every month. With ePayments, it is very easy to accept global currencies and convert them into Thai Baht on the go. This feature helps Thailand to boost tourism as tourists can use their debit and credit cards. Not only foreign tourists but locals also get the advantage of Digital payments, now they can shop online, pay bills, and much more. 

Technology and Government

Not only individuals or businesses but the Government gets the advantage of technology. With the digitization of records, the government can control corruption easily. The government is actively supporting the needs of the hour. They provide infrastructure, tax rebates, and subsidies to build IT hubs in Thailand. Business owners can get huge tax rebates to build IT companies in Thailand. The government is providing spectrum at an affordable price so that companies can build high-speed internet infra to boost IoT (Internet of Things).

Technology In Healthcare

With technological advancement in the healthcare industry now AI can operate you with precision. Yet the technology is under trial and soon be available for the patient. Telemedicine helps patients from diagnosis to treatment and post-treatment to recovery without physical travel. Technology has the potential to change the medical and health industry with the help of AI and ML. Moreover managing patient history with EHRs (electronic health records) is very easy.   

Internet of Things

Internet of Things helps connecting various devices together. Imagine you can control your home smart appliances with your phone no matter where you are, isn’t it cool. With IoT you can connect your smart home appliances with WiFi or 5G network and control them on the go. You can turn you AC on before reaching home so that you will get the optimize temperature at home without any wait. These technologies helps Thailand in fueling its growth.


This blog will show you about the new digital technology in Thailand. I hope you liked this article and understand the role of technology in advance of any country.

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