Tokyo-Based Sakana AI $30M Series By Lux

Tokyo-based, Sakana AI, an AI-based startup inspired by fish raised $30 million led by Lux Capital and Khosla Ventures in the seed funding round.

KDDI Corp., Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. and Sony Corp actively backed the round to support the development of agile AI models for businesses.

Sakana AI Raised $30M Seed To Develop AI Models

CEO Sakana AI, Ren Ito said that the raised funds accelerate our production and development effort and support us for R&D.

Sakana is a Japanese word that means fish. Sakana AI website design depicts a red fish surrounded by black fishes.

Co-founder David Ha said our AI models are inspired by nature as they use collective intelligence from all species and evolve. Our model does the same it collects information from small models and evolves. Rather than a cumbersome model that performs a large and complex calculation it uses small models to break the calculation and perform it with agility and efficiency.

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