Trusted Websites for Instagram Services: Our Top 10 Picks

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites. One trend that is catching up fast is the buying of followers. Instead of wasting months or years trying to grow your Instagram account, you simply order followers and engagement. 

That way, you receive an instant boost to your Instagram engagement. However, if you decide to buy followers, you must ensure that you only order followers from trusted sites, as not all are genuine. This article will review the top 10 sites for trusted Instagram services.

What Are The Best Sites For Instagram Services?

We found these to be the best for designing Instagram services.

1. SocialGreg

Out of our top 10 sites reviewed, we ranked SocialGreg first as the top site for buying Instagram services, with a rating of 9.8 out of 10. Our rating was based on the site offering genuine followers who are real people. When we ordered comments from them, we were surprised to realize that all their comments were genuine, responding to our posts.

In one of the posts, where we posted a ladies’ leather bag, we had comments from people who seemed to understand the product well, and they went ahead and recommended it. This indicated that we received followers in our niche who were interested in our account. 

Since we are based in Canada, we emailed them to request they deliver followers from Canada.  They provided just that: all our new followers had profile photos, bios, and recent account activity. 


  • Sends genuine and targeted followers to your niche.
  • Followers don’t drop.
  • Can provide followers within your region.
  • No password is required.


  • There was no drawback we could find.

2. SocialWick

One amazing factor about SocialWick was that they had sold over 1.5 billion likes and 300 million followers. Despite all these industry tweaks, they have positive reviews from customers. All this is directly associated with their top-notch Instagram services.

We all found out that socialWick uses AI and Virtual Reality technology to reach a wider audience in your niche. You are not getting any fake likes or comments, infact SocialWick ensures your account gets real-time reach. 

The quality of the services they provide is quite impressive. We we amazed to see how they manage to provide high end services at such affordable prices. It can be said that technology makes everything possible.


  • High-quality services.
  • Delivers fast followers 100% organically.
  • Millions of happy customers.
  • A refill guarantee.
  • Affordable Instagram services.


  • The ratio of normal likes and power likes creates confusion.

3. Mixx

Where SocialWick uses high-end technology to deliver high-quality followers, Mixx on the other hand works with market experts who understand Instagram algo and policies to deliver unmatched results. Mixx ensures that you are not violating any Instagram policy. 

Mix uses organic ads and sponsored posts to attract genuine followers and likes in return for rewards. Therefore, their strategies are completely safe and secure.


  • Likes remain constant, along with a refill guarantee.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Order gets delivered within few hours.
  • Vast payment methods accessibility.
  • Packages as low as 50 followers.


  • Only offers Instagram services

4. Growthoid

Growthoid also provides Instagram services like comments, followers, and likes on your posts. You get their services starting at $0.49 which are quite affordable. There are many reviews online that claim this website to be fake. Reviews also suggest that the customer services are not good at this platform.


  • Affordable packages.
  • Delivers fast services.
  • Safe to use.


  • Poor customer service.
  • Sell bot followers.

5. AdFlee

With packages starting from 100 to 10,000 followers, Adflee is another excellent option to order followers. They have been in the market for a while, offering various social media services. Ther customized plans allow you to buy a good number of followers for your social media. But as per some reviews on Trustpilot, it’s reported that AdFlee provides bot followers that happen to decrease after some time decreasing your following.


  • Customizable packages
  • Packages as low as 100 followers.


  • Sells bot followers.
  • Drop in followers after some time.
  • Terrible customer service.

6. FireZup

FireZup claims to provide the best Instagram services activated within 1 hour of ordering. Most of their services start at $1.9 for 100 followers and cost $550 for 50K followers. The prices are a bit expensive. On taking a closer look at their services, we found out that they sell bot followers.


  • Wide range of packages as per user needs.
  • Delivers fast.


  • Sells bot followers.

7. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is a service that offers comments, likes, followers, and other  Instagram services. They deliver followers on time. However, the site still has complaints, with some users claiming that money was deducted from their accounts but no followers were delivered. Other users claim they sell foreign followers who are also fake. Therefore, there is no doubt that they also sell fake followers.


  • Delivers followers within three days.
  • No password is needed.
  • Safe site to order from.


  • Fake followers.
  • Lots of negative reviews.

8. Viralyft

We decided to try Viralft by ordering 2500 Instagram followers. We noted that all the followers we got were following thousands of accounts, but none were following them. There was also no activity on these accounts. The ones that had the highest number of people following them were four. Therefore, we concluded that they were fake followers. 


  • Delivered within three days
  • Accepts various payment methods.


  • Followers drop very fast.
  • Followers brought no activity.

9. BuyFollower

There are lots of service providers where previous customers complained of followers dropping. However, for BuyFollowers, their refill activity seemed so vigorous that users got tired of them. According to the majority of their previous users, they keep sending followers to your account indefinitely while deleting genuine followers. Most of the followers are also foreign, with none being from the countries from which you need followers.


  • Has a refill service.
  • Delivers within 24 hours.


  • Deletes your organic followers.
  • Terrible customer service.
  • Hold your account hostage so that you keep buying more followers.

10. Bulkoid

Bulkoid boasts of being the leading service for buying followers in bulk in a simple three-step process. The good thing is that they do not require your account login credentials. All you need to do is provide them with your Instagram handle, and they will deliver the followers within a few hours. However, there are complaints of users’ followers dropping to even below the number they had before ordering, even though they have no refill service.


  • No password is needed to order followers.
  • Simple ordering process


  • They remove even your genuine followers.
  • No refill services.
  • Fake followers.

Final Thought

When buying Instagram services, you must choose a service provider carefully. Our researcher noted that many sites sell fake followers, which will cause Instagram to penalize your account. If you need a genuine site, we recommend you order from Mixx, SocialGreg, or SocialWick. These are the only services we confirmed were selling genuine followers.

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