Eliyan AI $60M Series Catalyst Tiger

California-based, Eliyan AI, a silicon chip manufacturer powered by AI raised $60 million led by Samsung Catalyst, and Tiger Global in the funding round.

Intel Capital and SK Hynix Inc. actively backed the round. In 2022, Eliyan raised $40 million in a Series A.

Eliyan AI $60M Samsung Catalyst Fund Tiger

CEO Eliyan, Ramin Farjadrad said that the raised funds will enable us to develop NuLink technology, a multichip architecture. These chips address the high cost, and power consumption issue.

Eliyan is the world’s best silicon chip manufacturing company and its chipsets are used in advanced processors that are produced separately and assembled after completion. Eliyan advanced AI integration connects modules with interconnect components; it increases their yield and efficiency.

Eliyan offers an advanced interconnect known as NuLink. Instead of interconnection two chipsets into a module in the traditional way NuLinks technology connects the processor with a memory module as new AI accelerators program uses memory modules to store data to complete processes faster.

Moreover, Eliyan claims that NuLink is 4X faster than interconnecting modules and is one of the most efficient methods at an affordable price. With NuLink chip manufacturers can design and produce more efficient chipsets. Also, Eliyan touches on a major milestone after the recent funding round. NuLink-manufactured chips can process up to 64 Gbs/s data per link.

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