Read AI $21M Series By Goodwater

Washington-based, Read AI, an artificial intelligence startup that generates meeting readouts and summaries raised $21 million led by Goodwater Capital in a Series A.

Madrona Venture Group actively backed the round.

Read AI Raised $21M Series By Goodwater

CEO Read AI, David Shim said that the funds raised will enable us to work development of email and message recaps. We plan to launch other updates of Read AI that can generate recaps for emails and messages.

Read AI is an AI app that helps users summarize meeting agendas and generate dubbed meeting readouts. Initially, Read AI was available on one platform but now Read AI is available on different platforms. The company is planning to launch emails and message AI recaps that enable users to recall old conversations easily without going through all the threads.

Moreover, Read AI provides the recaps of each email and message within 24 hours of connecting your account. Read AI raised $10 million in seed and to date Read AI brought $31 million.

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