What Happened To Robin Autopilot Lawn Mowing After Shark Tank?

We live in a world where we have self-driving cars, smartphones, and smart gadgets that are voice-activated. But two friends from Texas, Bart Lomont and Justin Crandall founded Robin Autopilot and invented an autopilot lawn mowing system. Robin Autopilot lawn movers are Roomba for your backyard.

Robin Autopilot appeared in Shark Tank Ep 10, Season 9. Bart Lomont and Justin Crandall showcased their patent autopilot lawnmowers and asked for $500,000 against 5% of the company stake.

Did Robin Autopilot Close A Deal On Shark Tank?

Bart Lomont said that Robin Autopilot movers are environmentally friendly as their products use electric energy instead of gas and petrochemicals like traditional movers. They explain their growth plans and revenue. They further said they rent an autopilot mover for just $17 per week. The mover is smart enough to trim the grass of the selected section and go back to its dock.

Justin told judges they both have experience in AI and robotics and will plan a robotic lawn moving fleet that does various lawn jobs with some clicks. They told judges that they closed an annual revenue of $500,000 from renting. Robin Autopilot didn’t close any funding as all the judges have different plans.

What Happened Robin Autopilot After Shark Tank?

Robin Autopilot grew exponentially after the Shar Tank episode aired. They expand their RaaS business model. They are backed by MTD Products and expand their offerings across different regions.

After the show, Robin Autopilot was acquired by Fahey Group in 2019. They are still in business and continued their expansion across major regions.

Robin Autopilot Net Worth

During the Shark Tank episode, Robin Autopilot company was valued at $10 million. Later after the show the company was acquired at $15 million. Founders Bart Lomont and Justin Crandall continued to provide robotic lawn care services.


Robin Autopilot is still in business and growing the net worth of the company is valued at $15 million in 2024. The category is growing at 5% every year and in 2027 the robotic lawn care industry will grow to $1.25 billion. Lomont remains an advisor whereas founders Bart Lomont and Justin Crandall have all the control of Robin.

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