Pipcorn Shark Tank Net Worth

Pipcorn formally known as Pipsnacks appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2014. Pipcorn gained so much attention and recognition after the episode aired. Siblings Jen and Jeff Martin founded Pipcorn intending to get fit, but they didn’t find any healthier snacks available in the market and later decided to make one for themselves.

Pipcorn offers popcorn made from heirloom corns that are whole grain, gluten-free, and non-genetically modified organisms (GMO). Pipcorn appearance on Shark Tank not only brought their brand into high light but also raised funding by judges. In 2024, Pipcorn continued to grow and its net worth increased drastically.

What Happened To Pipcorn After Shark Tank

Jen and Jeff Martin have not just pitched their brand to judges but they have pitched a healthier alternative to the snacks available in the market. Barbara Corcoran saw the potential in Pipcorn and decided to invest in their products and later the product was hit in the market.

Growth After Shark Tank

Barbara bought a 10% stake in the company against $200,000 in exchange. Martin’s siblings invested the raised funds to strengthen the operation, production, and distribution process. Since 2014, Pipcorn company has seen exponential growth.

Pipcorn Marketing and Collaboration

After the Shark Tank, Pipcorn collaborated with various celebrities and models to promote their brands, and this marketing technique helped them become a favorite snack.

Pipcorn Net Worth in 2024

Pipsnacks or Pipcorn valuation has increased multiple times and Pipcorn company’s net worth in 2024 is $10 million.

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Pipcorn value has increased 5 times since its appearance on Shark Tank. Pipcorn become a market leader in the healthier snack industry. The production and delivery operations have doubled in the last month. Pipcorn marketing and strategic partnership played a great role in its success.

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