Figure Raised $675M at $2.6B

California-based, Figure, a robots developing startup raised $625 million led by Microsoft Corporation at a valuation of $2.6 billion in a Series B.

Nvidia Corp., Open AI Startup Fund, Bezos Expeditions, Intel Capital, Parkway Venture Capital, ARK Invest, and Align Ventures actively backed the round. Figure in talk with Open AI and Microsoft for $500 million.

Figure Raised $675M at $2.6B

CEO Figure, Brett Adcock said that the funds raised will be used for humanoid bipedal robot development and expansion.

Figure is a humanoid bipedal robot-making startup. Figure 01 is an advanced robot prototype that looks and moves exactly like a human. The company promised that its robots could be used in shipping, manufacturing, and logistics.

Moreover, Figure has an exclusively signed agreement with OpenAI to develop next-generation AI models for its robots. Figure CEO said that the company is thinking of using Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure for robot training and storing data. Humanoid robots sound like some Sci-fi movie, but Figure is competing with Tesla Inc. and Agility Robotics Inc.

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