Percepto Raised $67M Series $50M $16M

Israel-based, Percepto, a monitoring and inspection platform raised $67 million led by Koch Disruptive Technologies $50 million, and $16 million equity and debt funding respectively.

U.S. energy companies and Zimmer Partners actively backed the round. Some ex-investors such as US Venture Partners, Atento Capital, Delek US Holdings, Arkin Holdings, and Spider Capital participated in the round and made a total investment of over $120 million.

Percepto $67M Series In $50M $16M Debt and Equity

CEO Percepto, Dor Abuhasira said that funds raised will enable us to expand business operations and product development.

Percepto is an autonomous monitoring and inspection platform provider. AIM (Autonomous Inspection and Monitoring tool) is a visual inspection platform that uses drones, AI, and robots to calculate the entire visual workflow

Moreover, Precepto collects data and uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze and address problems that can slow down the company workflow. It takes preventative measures to enable clients to become more productive and meet ESG goals.

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