Volante Technologies Raised $66M

New York-based, Volante Technologies, a fintech company that manages cloud payment raised $66 million led by Sixth Street Growth in a funding round.

Sixth Street actively backed the round. Also, Wells Fargo Strategic Capital and Wavecrest Growth Partners participated in the round. After this round, BNY Mellon, Visa Ventures, Poste Italiane, and Citi helped Volante Technologies to raise outside funds of $116 million.

Volante $66M $116M Lunden TechCrunch

CEO Volante, Volante Technologies said that the funds raised will enable us for business expansion and operations.

Volante Technologies is a fintech company that provides cloud payment solutions to financial institutions. Volante Technologies has card networks, corporate banks, and commercial deposits as customers. It offers all financial institutes a low-code platform to record critical transactions.

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