Perplexity AI $63M By Daniel Gross $1B

San Francisco-based, Perplexity AI, an AI search engine startup recently raised $63 million led by Daniel Gross at a more than $1 billion valuation in a Series B round.

Figma Inc., Stanley Druckenmiller, and Garry Tan actively backed the round with participation from Dylan Field. Also, some existing investors such as Nat Friedman, Elad Gil, Nvidia Corp., and participated in Series B.

Perplexity AI Raised $63M For AI Advancement

CEO of Perplexity AI, Aravind Srinivas said the funds raised will be used for the platform development, R&D, and expansion. After this round, the total funds brought in by Perplexity AI was $165 million. Co-founders Perplexity said they are planning a bigger fundraising round of at least $250 million soon.

Perplexity is a generative AI search engine like ChatGPT but has real-time access to the digital world. Instead of giving a list of websites like traditional search engines for every question, Perplexity AI answers the question conversationally and has real-time information available on the internet.

Moreover, the answers given by Preplexity AI are understandable and intuitive. It also understands images, videos, riddles, and complex questions. AI bots work to provide useful and summarized content so that users can safe themselves from spammy websites, affiliates, and advertisements.

Also, companies like HP Inc., Zoom Video Communications Inc., etc. use the Enterprise Pro version of Perplexity AI.

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