Patient21 Raised $100M Series By Pitango

Patient21 Raised $100M Series By Pitango

Berlin-based, Patient21, a physical-digital health-tech company raised $100 million led by Pitango in the Series C Round.

The round was actively backed by Artian and Bertelsmann Investments. Patient21 existing investors such as PICO Venture Partners, Piton Capital, Target Global, and Angels also joined the round. A debt from IPF Partners has also been secured to complement the round.

Berlin-Based Patient21 Raised $100M Series

CEO and COO Patient21, Christopher and Nicolas in a press meeting said that the raised funds will be used for the platform development and expansion in European markets. Patient21 is more than just a platform, our software manages everything from the admission of patients to discharge, ie entire journey of patients which helps us to improve our services to reduce administrative burden and help users have a seamless experience.

Moreover, Patient21 shows a 500% growth from last year.

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