Recently, I was contacted by Squared Up and asked if I would do a review of their product. Since I’ve reviewed other third-part products in the past, of course I would be willing to review this one.

For reference, although not SCOM-based, here are some other products that I have reviewed:

So let’s get started. This series will cover the Squared Up HTML 5 Dashboard and Web Console.



Once you have the prerequisites installed, we can move onto the product installation.

Start by running the SquaredUpInstaller.exe. The version that I am using for this review is version

On the Welcome screen, click Next.

SquaredUp - Install 01 - Welcome
SquaredUp – Welcome Screen

On the License Agreement screen, check the “I accept the license agreement” checkbox, and click Next.

SquaredUp - Install 02 - License Agreement
SquaredUp – License Agreement

After the prereqs are checked, on the Ready To Install screen click Next.

Note: If you need to change the installation location, or to use an IIS website other than the “default” then read the referenced articles from the vendor.

SquaredUp - Install 04 - Ready To Install
SquaredUp – Ready To Install

On the Management Server Address screen, provide either the IP address, computer name, or FQDN of the Operations Manager Management Server, then click Next.

SquaredUp - Install 05 - Management Server Address
SquaredUp – Management Server Address

Once the installation is complete, click Finish.

SquaredUp - Install 06 - Installation Complete
SquaredUp – Installation Complete

To confirm the installation completed successfully, navigate to http://<ServerName>/SquaredUp. You should see a webpage similar to the following.

SquaredUp - Install 07 - Webpage
SquaredUp – Login Webpage

Note: To log into the dashboard, use your Active Directory (AD) credentails (i.e. DOMAIN\UserName).


Next we’ll move onto Part 4: Activation of the product.