Recently, I was contacted by Squared Up and asked if I would do a review of their product. Since I’ve reviewed other third-part products in the past, of course I would be willing to review this one.

For reference, although not SCOM-based, here are some other products that I have reviewed:

So let’s get started. This series will cover the Squared Up HTML 5 Dashboard and Web Console.


Customize Dashboards

Now that we finally have everything setup, connected, and configured, we can start working with the Dashboards.



First, let’s take a look at what comes out of the box.

When you first log into Squared Up, you’ll see the Overview screen. On here you’ll see all Critical items (i.e. Alerts, Distributed Applications, and Servers).

Squared Up - Overview
Squared Up – Overview

If you click on any of the objects, the view will drill down to provide more details.

Squared Up - DrillDown
Squared Up – DrillDown

On the Alerts tab is where you will be able to see not only the Critical Alerts, but also the Warning Alerts as well.

Squared Up - Alerts
Squared Up – Alerts

On the Servers tab it will show only servers that are in one of the following states: Critical, Maintenance, or Offline.

Squared Up - Servers
Squared Up – Servers

On the Active Directory tab, in my case no data was shown. This may be due to my lab environment running Windows Server 2016 TP3, and specifically ADDS with Forest/Domain Functional Level at Windows Server Technical Preview.

UPDATE: I have been informed by the Vendor that this specific dashboard template is looking for data based off of the “Active Directory Server 2008 and above (Discovery)” MP. This includes support for AD DS in Windows Server 2012 R2, but not the Technical Preview yet (obviously).

Squared Up - Active Directory
Squared Up – Active Directory

On the SQL Servers tab I was able to see some performance data.

Squared Up - SQL Servers
Squared Up – SQL Servers

On the Web Servers tab, also, performance data was available.

Squared Up - Web Servers
Squared Up – Web Servers

On the Network tab I didn’t have any data, but this was due to not monitoring any network devices with SCOM at the time.

On the Groups tab it shows all the groups from SCOM. You can use this when creating custom views.

Squared Up - Groups
Squared Up – Groups


Custom Dashboards

On the Quick View tab, you can choose from a variety of types to work with.

Squared Up - Quick View
Squared Up – Quick View

Squared Up has a good Quick Start Guide that will guide you through using the dashboard designer to create custom dashboard specific to your needs.



All in all, the dashboards are a really nice addition to SCOM. In fact, Squared Up also has some PlugIns they’ve developed to even further enhance your experience, including:

Enjoy checking out these highly recommended dashboards.