Together AI Raised $102.5M Series A

Together AI, an artificial intelligence startup Raised $102.5M Series A led by Salesforce Ventures. Together AI is backed by Nvidia for providing the best and trusted cloud services.

About the Investors

The investors participated in Together AI $102.5M finding round include Salesforce Ventures, along with the other pre-existing investors Lux Capital, Coatue Management and Emergence Capital.

Salesforce Ventures invest in sales, cloud and technology driven companies like Amazon and Walmart. Investing in Together AI makes room for both the parties to bring out their best potential.

Funding Details

Company Name: Together AI

Total Fund Raised: $106.0M

Current Funding Raised: $102.5M

Round: Series A

Lead Investor: Salesforce Ventures

Additional Stakeholders: Lux Capital, Coatue Management, Emergence Capital

Company Website:

Together AI $102.5M Series A

The CEO of Together AI Vipul Ved Prakash and his co-founders Chris Re, Ce Zhang, and Percy Liang are dedicated towards expanding their company.

Vipul Ved Prakash also said that the recently raised $102.5M would be used for developing stronger open-source AI models, hire active workforce and to make a cost effective cloud service platform that benefits multiple businesses.

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