Is Azure AD Free?

Due to the additional protection it offers, Azure Ad becomes essential for businesses. This is the right place for you if you want to use Azure AD but free of cost.

A digital gateway called Azure Active Directory, or Azure AD, assists companies in managing their user identities and data access. It is intended to function as a virtual directory that gives you control over who may access what and how.

Yes, you can use Azure AD for free although the features you get in the free version are limited. Here is a guide that will provide you with information related to the Azure AD free and premium licensing plans.

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Can I Use Azure AD For Free?

Azure AD can be used free of cost with basic features. It depends on the organization’s needs and requirements if they want the free version or want to upgrade to a premium subscription. You will get many features for free that will help you manage your business well.

You can try the Azure AD for free and determine whether it meets your requirements or not. The free version includes benefits like user management, Self-service password reset, single sign-on, usage reports, User authentication, etc.

What Are The Subscription Plans Of Azure AD?

Azure AD also offers two Premium licensing or subscription plans to its users, Premium P1 and Premium P2. It completely depends on the requirement of the company or organization which plan they should opt for that suits their business well.

Either you can try the free version or take the trial of the Azure AD Premium subscription for free to determine what is best for your organization. Below are the details of the Premium plans of Azure AD and both of them come with a free trial.

Premium P1 – Azure AD Premium P1 plan is a paid subscription plan for Azure AD that comes with all the basic services and countless advanced benefits like group assignments, cloud monitoring, Client access license, self-service sign-in, conditional access, password protection, user reports, on-premises apps, etc. The subscription cost starts from $6 per user every month.

Premium P2 – Azure AD Premium P2 plan includes all the benefits included in the P1 plan and more advanced security features. It comes with identity protection that helps reduce the risk of unauthorized access, device and application filters, risk event management, self-service entitle management, etc. The subscription cost starts from $9 per user every month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Microsoft Entra ID And Azure AD?

The name of Azure AD is changed to Microsoft Entra ID but no need to worry as no actions are required and everything remains the same.

How Do I Log Into Azure AD?

To log into Azure AD, simply go to the Azure portal and enter your Azure AD login credentials.


We hope the information provided in this article will be helpful to you. Azure AD offers basic features to everyone for free which are easy to access. You can also explore their premium plans to get the benefits of the advanced features and security.

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